​Some of these compositions will be available for purchase (Score & Parts in PDF form)

Most of us imagine thoughts and images without external stimuli.  This is sometimes referred to as originating from “The Mind's Eye”.
Many artists use this phenomenon as the source for inspiration of their work, hoping to recreate or transform this “innervision” to a tangible form, like music.
 " A View From The Mind's Eye”   is a collection of some of my stories, both real and imagined, transformed to this musical realm.

"Mario Cruz's latest project brings the listener through a comprehensive musical journey full of adventure and stunning contrasts that includes a variety of styles, orchestrations  (several gorgeous arrangements for strings and other instrumental  surprises),  and some well-placed silences.  Mario's compositions are elaborate and complex internally but externally there is a strong melodic component that will engage any listener.  Mario and his band mates are absolutely and impressively flawless in their technical execution but are also musically sensitive and sincere in expression.  This music will transport you."

- Rich DeRosa, director of Jazz composition and arranging,  University of North Texas and chief conductor of the WDR Big Band                                      

"I have long admired both Mario Cruz's writing and playing, which shines through brightly on "A View From the Mind's Eye".  His compositions are natural expressions of an artist that knows what he wants to say, and how he wants to say it....Mario is one sophisticated jazz artist."

- Jim Snidero, New York, NY

  • The Most Difficult Virtue1:59
  • Dancin' the Funky Tango2:24
  • The Tangled Web1:22
  • A View From the Mind's Eye2:11
  • The Lonely Giant2:45
  • Now, But Not For Long2:32
  • Desires of the Soul2:51
  • Speaking in Forked Tongues2:31
  • Blind Leading the Blind1:49
  • That Which Matters2:55

"I've been a fan of Mario's playing since  I heard him at the University of Miami many years ago.  I didn't however know  him as the brilliant composer that he is.  The writing on his current recording is stunningly beautiful.  While listening to it  the first time, I was struck by it's freshness, lyricism, harmonic and melodic invention and soulful engaging grooves.  It is music that bears repeated listening and I look forward to doing so.  I invite you to do the same.  Bravo, Mario!"

Rick Margitza

​​Mario Cruz